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Look up at the Sky Day – don’t you have anything better to do?

Can there be anything, really better than looking up at the sky? Many people look down when walking, sitting, and even when standing. I remember laying on a blanket, looking up at the stars letting my imagination soar. Trying to look up on a sunny day is hard but on cloudy days, looking at cloud formations is great. The beauty of nature is amazing if you just take a look.

So, something like ‘Look up at the Sky day’ has become even more meaningful as it is driving us to come out from our daily routines to celebrate on the 14th April of every year. It’s a wonderful day for sky watchers and nature lovers. Just move out from your nest, early morning, wander aimlessly on the green surface of the earth, hold your head towards the sky, have a glance on some of the most beautiful creatures of the God and enjoy the mesmerizing magic of blue, blue and only blue!

From the dawn till dusk, you can capture a number of scenic beauties, sprinkled in the sky and cherish them for ever. You can have a lot of fun, watching rainbows, kites, airplanes, clouds, boomerangs, sunset, stars, and flock of birds moving magnificently towards their destination and perhaps even an asteroid, meteor or UFO!

Happy gazing!!