Flip the pages of the calendar, hanging on the wall and check when 14th April is arriving, as that particular date is bringing with itself something healthy, something buttery, something nutty for all of us and that is ‘National Pecan Day’.

A pecan is a kind of nut, and it is the only one of its kind from the entire nut family, that is considered native to North America. Pecans are also very rich in protein and unsaturated fat. In fact, Pecans are tasty, nutty and so popular that two special days have been designed in their honor, one is Pecan Day –that we celebrate on 25th Mar, and the other one is, ‘Nation Pecan Day’ which is observed on 14th April.

 So, how you are going to celebrate the coming ‘National Pecan Day’? Invite you friends, be ready with hands full of pecans and some tasty, delicious nut based recipes. You will also get wonderful and exciting offers from the retailers during this week! Grocery stores are flooded with pecans on sale!