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Rubber Eraser Day is celebrated on 15th of April, every year. No doubt this day is observed in the honour of Rubber and Erasers. What a great honour to such a small object of education. It is special because it gives the liberty to get rid of mistakes when using a pencil in school or at a business. Accountants love this piece of art due to its importance when moving money on paper. Have you ever imagined, what would life have been like without this tool? Probably a bit messy. It is like using a typewriter without whiteout, having to retype pages for one mistake.

It was invented on April 15th in 1970 by Joseph Priestley. What a great addition he has added to the world of writing.  Even in today’s technology, whiteout liquid and then whiteout tape. I wonder what the next tool would be. Now that more people are putting their attention to digital and electronic writing equipment, the rubber eraser has not lost some significance, but it is still used frequently because when taking tests, a pencil have to be used, so of course you would need an eraser.