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Guys watch girls all the time. They watch them walk, talk, eat, and sleep.  Since January 8th is also Male Watchers Day, we girls need to show them how they do us.

Try this: when a guy walks past you, let you head roll to watch their butt as it goes past you; don’t eat your food right away when you are out to eat with a man, just watch him eat; when he is sleeping, watch him sleep; when he is talking, do say much, just listen and watch. These are the thing guys do and today the shoe will be on the other foot. Let’s see how they react.

Give them compliments on the outfit for the day, compliment them on their cologne, and grab their hand and spin them around telling them that you just want to see the whole package. It is nice to make the guy feel good at least one day out of the year that is not their birthday, Father’s day, or Christmas, LOL.