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No one wants another man or woman to do the job of being a parent. But if u can’t b there for your child and another steps in, on a good note, then let them do what u can’t ,won’t, and supposed to do. Remember………. They are really helping you out. (Dumb ass,) oops i slipped, lol, but sorry ass people these days. I’m trying to be positive at the same time in this message, so hard! I love my step dad. Call him Dad even. My real sperm donor, by his real name, omg, did I go there?. Who calls the step mom, mom? Owell , she need to earn them stripes too, Lol. Fb. Just venting, thinking, n thankful for my stepdad n my kid’s stepdad. That are too special. Remember, fb. Some people (men n women) make you, n others may make u into who u r………….