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A lot of times it feels good not to have to answer my cell phone. This is why I lose it so much, LOL. If I am at home, so are my kids and my husband. If it is an emergency, there are other phones that can be called within the same house to reach me. I know I should not be that way, but I am. If I miss a call, o’well. Eventually I will see the missed call and return it. Hell, sometimes I won’t even do that, LOL. By me doing this, I don’t have to listen to everyone else’s stresses, problems, and issues. This only makes me feel what they are feeling, and I don’t want to feel that. I like the way i am feeling. This is my way of keeping my blood pressure down, my sanity, and my good nature. I don’t want to be mean, mad, or sad. Sometimes being alone is best for you…….