Purple bulbsThis is a question that is asked every year. I tell my children, a clean house and no arguing. This is what I have been getting for 26 years. I am happy with that. As my family got older, we tried to do the name drawing thing, but it only worked one time. Getting everyone together to draw names was a hassle, so we stopped that. One year, only children got gifts, once again, it only worked one time. I was fortunate enough to get everybody in my family a watch one year, i got nothing, but it was okay. I felt the Christmas joy of giving.

I have told my kids after they were old enough to THINK there is no Santa that Santa IS TOO REAL. He sprinkles magic dust in my purse and dad’s wallet so we can buy things for them. This magic comes in the form of sudden overtime at work when overtime is hardly ever offered, LOL. Now there is extra cash to use right?

Now I ask, what do you want to eat for Christmas? This is the new Christmas question.