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If you can buy yourself a beer or a bottle of wine, you can give something to a family member of friend in the correctional system. Not all people in these facilities are bad, just made some wrong choices.

I have been giving my dear cousin $20 every time I get paid. He is incarcerated for a bad decision. Hanging with the wrong crowd. Being at No one is there for him. No one writes him. He has no way of buying daily necessities. He has been working as a janitor making a few cents per hour. Comes out to be about $8 every 2 weeks.

He is grateful to get the extra money. He has now been able to buy himself some food, supplies (Tylenol, band-aids), extra socks, winter hat and boots, and so much more. I feel good to be able to help out.

I also buy stamps so we can email each other everyday. The facility has a computer and allows them to write their letters on it. It is so much better and faster then traditional mail. We can even send 30 second video mail to each other. Every letter or video mail I send him, I attach a stamp for his return message so he does not have to use the stamps I bought for him. I want him to use those at his own leisure.

I know there are more people out there in the world that are able to give. Try it. It feels so good!