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I got out of my truck, crossed the parking lot, almost to the middle walkway, and this SUV swings wide, shines the headlights in my face, then parks. I was so scared, thinking I was going to get ran over. Get this! She then, gets out her truck, looks at me, not saying a word like “sorry, didn’t mean to scare you”, walks very fast into the building, with me not far behind, gets into the elevator, and as soon as I get to it, it closes on me. I waited to see what floor it stopped on. It stopped on a floor of my company. OMG!!! A coworker, really?

I logged into my computer and told my manager how upset, scared and pissed I was feeling and went to get tea. I couldn’t let it go. I then went to that floor to look for her.

There are 4 sections to that floor and in section 3, there she was. She was so surprised to see me. Yes, trick, I work here too. I wish I could have taken a photo of her expression when she look up and seen me, as she was talking to the person behind her cube.

I looked to see what her name was and she don’t even have her name on her cube yet. Ha. She is not even relevant yet, lol. I walked down the floor to the other end, turned around, and came back. Passed her again and looked her in her right in the face. Once again, she looked stunned. Now I got her to look and feel like I did in the parking lot. Is that wrong? Maybe.

I hate how people think they are better than others but love when they realize we are equal. Not really. I have been here for 13 years boo and she don’t even have a name plate.

They look so stupid, especially her. I think I feel better now. I have vented to my boss, stunned her, and share with you. I think I need one more look at her though, and then I can let it go.

Thanks for listening