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Patriot 2012I am a curvaceous woman. I have been told that i am beautiful, smart, talented, and funny. I am not fat but plus size. I shop for clothes and 3x for some is definitely NOT 3x for a plus size woman. Most of my clothes are ordered off line. Many stores don’t have my size, so online shopping is what I have to do. I get 20% of my clothes that are truly the 3x i order. Others, I have to give away. Now I have started to take stitching out, lift here, sew there, just to make it fit me. I don’t have a big stomach but I do have a big butt, lol. I have a thin waist but large hips. I am a 2x on top and a 4x on the bottom. I have to buy a bigger shirt just so it will fit over my hips. Stretchy material is ideal. This big shirt hides my waistline though. If I shop at a plus size store, the prices are so jacked up, I can’t afford but 1 item. I need a seamstress ASAP!!!