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I feel that I have lost my best friend. This weekend, he went to hang out with a coworker, which I was fine with. But come 1 am, I called him and he did not answer. Why? He did not answer for a whole hour. Why? When he finally did answer, as he was on his way home, I asked him why he wasn’t answering and he tells me he doesn’t know. Why? That really hurt and pissed me off! We haven’t talked since. I haven’t looked at him, touched him, or talked to him. I don’t feel it’s my job to fix this situation. He got me wondering why? What were you doing? Real fishy! I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I stop crying. It is hard to be at work. Hard to be at home. I cry and cry. Why? I am so mad that I could really hurt him, so I turn it into pain. Why?