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I finally asked him what was the deal. He basically said I was a nag and controlled when he can hang out with his friends. Total lie. I have never called him when he hangs out. He actually got mad because I never call. I didn’t want him teased by the guys of how he has to call me if he’s out.

Well his phone rang at 330am and I was up. He played it off like it was one of our kids. Yes they were up but it wasn’t one of them. I went and check that phone and came back and told him he was a lie. I didn’t demand he show me his phone because I would probably be locked up and not telling this story.

If you cheated, man up and say it! You was a man when you did it,so… I can’t even cheat back. I am happy where I am and don’t want no one else. Not even for conversation.