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He came in, hugged and kissed me last night after getting off work. I was going to cook dinner, it’s been 6 days since I did that LOL, but I didn’t. I took a shower and put on some booty shorts and tank top and got in my bed, not a normal evening for me. He was surprised when he came in the room that I looked sexy and didn’t have rump around clothes on. No boo, I threw them all away on Saturday. That is what was in those 3 garbage bags you saw us taking out.

So after a while, I smell food. I thought he was making himself something to eat, but nope, he was cooking the food that I WAS going to cook, but didn’t. I went to the bathroom and when I came out, he asks me how many tacos I wanted, three? I was not hungry, haven’t been for 6 days now, but I said okay and went back to my room. He sent my food to me and I ate. I felt like a cannibal, LOL. Didn’t know I was hungry.

So I get up and get ready for work. I came around the corner to give him a kiss goodbye, haven’t done that in a week, and he is ready and wanting me. I could not take my eyes off it. OMG, what is this? I had to get it. He gave it to me real good. I guess we never had make up sex. We don’t argue or fight. It was so good! Makes me want to argue or fight more often, LOL. Nah, I ‘m good.

I got up after, took a shower, and got back dressed. I came to kiss him, leaned in, he turned his face so I could kiss his cheek and when I did, and he kiss my other cheek simultaneously. That’s a first. What is this? I put my heals on, haven’t worn heals to work in 12 years, and went to work. I’m thinking on telling him that I need more, but not trying to give in so fast. I’m still mad at him. What the hell is this?