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I announced that I was getting married to family and friends, eve the ones who are distant. My best friend, who I haven’t talked to in a few years, up jump and gets married. Keep in mind, I invited her to my wedding and to be in my wedding party. No response. She didn’t even invite me or tell me her good news. Her daughter, which is my God daughter, came to help me get ready. Helped me with my dress, shoes, and accessories. She even dropped of her 2 boys to mt reception. Was that a message?

I asked my cousin to be my maid of honor. She was so happy and honored. When it was time to make things, order dresses, do bridal stuff, no call and no show. For a few months actually. My other best friend came in town and I told her my frustrations. She offered to be my maid of honor even though she lives out of the state. Once again, when it was time to order dresses, no call and no show.

These are the only 3 women in my circle. They all turned their backs on me. I was hurt. Have not tried to replace them with another either, but they have replaced me. They all have new best or close friends now and we called each other sisters. It’s okay, I will finish this life with memories.

Well to get to the reason for this post, maid of honor #1 is getting married this week. She had things planned out and no one showed up to help her. I am trying to get my marriage fixed, as we went out on the town last night with friends, and told her if my husband does not go to work, I cannot help and she said she understood.

She vented to me me about all the other people that she had lined u to help her and they flaked on her. Should I feel bad? I don’t! It hurts when the shoe is on the other foot….

Once again, I will finish this life with memories of them.