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I gave him 2 kids and it made my body double in weight. I am now a plus size woman. Have been for years now. I would wear clothes that would hide my body because I was embarrassed by it. Even in the bedroom.

I see that he looks at other women and I know I look better than them or can look just as good and it makes me feel bad. Well okay then, watch me put on sleek, revealing, and tight-fitting clothes then.

I get stares from men and women with my oversized clothes so let’s see how the world will look at me know. I am shedding my insecurities and show my strengths. My body is the bomb for a plus size woman. I have a large butt, big breasts, long hair, and a beautiful face. Hmm, even women hit on me.

I threw out all the clothes that have holes in them, rump around stuff, and the too big ones too. Now I walk around in clothes that make him see me for the first time. Ha, he probably wants to put a GPS tracker or leash on this, but NOT. Now he gone wonder what’s up when he ain’t here. He can wonder am I at home, what am I doing, where did I go, or who is in my company. Even though I’m a homebody, I will intentionally get out in the world just because.

I got 6 new pairs of heels that I bought last year. LOL, put a pair on Friday. He saw them and got all hot and bothered. LOL, I got more boo. I also started having uncontrollable sex. He thinks I need it all the time now. So when he is not here, he just may wonder if I am getting it from another source. No, I love my husband, but he needs to know that respect is the key to a long and healthy relationship. I would never cheat on him, but I don’t tell him that.