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I feel so different these days. I have opened my mind. I am willing to try and do new things. I am not hiding behind the curtain anymore. If you don’t like it, o’well. I can feel again. My sister once made a comment of how I needed to get my life back. I think I have, but not how she was referring to. She wants me to hang out with her, go to girls’ night, and clubs. Well girls night is just a big joke to me. Those girls are so ass tight and arrogant. They only want us to come around so we can show are hoodness. Show how black we are because they have no dam clue of what it is to be black. They didn’t go through any hard times. They had it all made for them. Not us. Owell, not going down that path. This is about me and my new self.

I discovered this weekend that I really like sex and a lot of it. I was in hibernation I guess. We use to have it a lot but then kids and work came between the fun. Well, not any longer. When I see him. It’s on. He so tired these days, LOL. I am a beast….