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I wow’d him last week. I broke out clothes, shoes, and purses that I have never worn before.  Every event or place we went to, I changed my outfit. I wore all colors too. Not just black, or white, or grey, my usual’s. I wore orange, red, green, pink, yes pink, both light pink and dark pink. This also included shoes with matching purses.

I caught him staring at me all day and night. If I walked away from him, I felt his gaze follow me. He was not paying much attention to the conversations he was having with his friends because he was occupied with what I was doing, where I was, and who I was talking to. I was not trying to make him jealous, but trying to show him that I still got it.

He told me multiple times that I looked good, was pretty, and complementing me on my ensembles and my perfumes. He was all touchy feely, kissing me if I came in his vicinity, tapping my butt, just so affectionate. It felt good to have him feel like someone else may want me besides him and that he needs to show so love to ensure that I felt as good as I truly did. What a great weekend!