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When you work around food all day, some people eat all day but there are others that don’t. He does not eat at work like I would think he should. He calls me every day in the morning or mid-morning to ask what we are having for dinner. Sometime he puts in a request for a specific meal. Then he does not eat all day, just waiting until he gets home.

For 5 years now, he only cooks about once per month. He’s always at work, working 10-16 hours per day. I can’t expect him to cook after that. Why can’t I have dinner ready when he comes home?

He’s an executive chef so I can’t cook plain or regular meals. I have to be exotic and fancy. I have to be creative and experiment with different flavors and styles.

Last week, he cooked 4 of those days. OMG. He cooked for me! He called me and asked me what I wanted, how I wanted it, and even had it done when I got home. I have been working overtime lately and he took care of me for a change. I didn’t know what to do. I would come home, he’d take my bag, have my bath ready and a cold beer. He asked me to tell him when I was ready to eat and when I did, he made my plate. The other 3 days, he ordered out. I really enjoyed my break.

Just think, the week before, I went on strike and the next week got pampered. I wonder how often this will happen. What every 5 years? LOL…….