Answers & FYI’s

I know you have something you want to ask me. I dare you to try to stump me, so give it a try! This site provides educated and experienced advice to users for any type of question. I got the answers, or know where to find them for you.

Ask me is the newest part of my site. Just send me a question to the email located in the contact me page and click the link for PayPal on the right side of any of my pages to be able to pick my brain. Only 99 cents per request with the payments sent by PayPal, which is a safe provider for payments of many types of services.

Each individual will have the their own number that is used that is not linked to their identity. When your payment is received, I will send you an email containing your personal number. You will then look on the site for the answer to your question. If you prefer it to be emailed to you instead, let me know.

So go ahead and click Ask Me to get all your answers today.

By Michelle K


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