Steps to your dreams


DreamsGrowing up with hardly nothing makes me strive to make sure my children do have something. I work hard and have things to show for my hard work. When my kids need something, even if it is not a necessity, I try to make sure I can get it for them.  They don’t ask for much, so why not give them what the want.

I now know what is to have benefits, plans, and a look on the future. I want to accomplish so much more in life and having a plan is essential. You can have a plan all you want but executing the necessary steps to accomplish the goal at hand is the real focus.  You cant make a million overnight, so to have that as a plan is not smart. List out the steps you may need to take to get it and set goals.

I have many ideas on making my money but no plan. No steps to take. This is my goal now. writing down the necessary steps I need to do to get what I want.


When to be on the lake ice

People go on the lake in the winter time to fish. Sometimes the ice is too thin for them to walk on or drive on. This goes the same for love, a relationship, or friendship.

When you have to walk on thin ice in a relationship, then that’s not the relationship you need to be in. You need a strong stable ice structure under your feet so that you can get across. I’m saying this because you need a strong and stable relationship to get through life and handle what the world throws at you together.

If you have to walk on thin ice for a friendship, maybe it’s time for that friendship to be over or take a break, a long break. A friend tells a friend how it is, straight to the point, and the truth. If you can’t tell your friend those things because you’re scared because you’re walking on thin ice then just walk away.

If you have to walk on thin ice to be around anyone you love, that might not be somebody that loves you back.



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Blood is thicker than water. But when the water is your wife or your husband sometimes that water is thicker than blood. When that spouse sticks up for you against his blood, that shows that the water was thicker at that time.

I like the fact that my husband takes out for me and I stick up for him when it comes to family because when it’s all said and done we have each other’s backs, we look out for each other no matter what, I pay your bill here pay my bill, hair dye for me I got for him.

We made two children together. So as another type of bond, another type of blood. It shows that when you mix the blood and water it doesn’t necessarily get thinner in most cases it gets stronger.

Pissy Cat


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I had this cat that likes to go outside with the kids. She was like a dog. If the kids were in the backyard so was she. If the kids were on the side of the house in the yard so was she. She had a litter box but chose to go outside and to use the bathroom. She had a special place in the yard by the garage to go like a dog.

One day I started to notice that every time I turn on the stove there was as odor. So I soaked the grates and Degreaser and Dawn and scrubbed them with an SOS pad. The next day the same thing happened. So on the third day, I soaked the grates overnight. On the fourth day, it happened again. I was so confused.

On that Friday I walked into the kitchen and discovered the cat standing straight up on the counter pissing on my dishes. I yelled, screamed, and even threw a shoe at the cat, but she didn’t stop pissing on the dishes. I called my husband and he saw it, the kids saw it and at that moment I knew she had to just stay outside. I open the door, called her to go outside, she went out and I shut the door.

I put food out there for her every day and water eventually she found another home.



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I am a Facebook member and when someone’s birthday pops up, I send them a happy note. I could care less if someone sends me one though. Outsiders don’t really care if I have a happy birthday or not. They don’t post to me any other time during the year. If I have had a bad day, accident, or for anything. Well, the note is excepted and thanks, but do you really know when my birthday is?

All I ever want is a clean house, no kids arguing, and a nice dinner. Even if I make it myself. This year, my 9-year-old daughter asked me to make Philly Cheese Steaks, so that’s what I will be making tonight.

My husband brought me flowers and played me music all night and danced with me, every year. My son brought me my favorite drink, Minute Maid pink lemonade. Now I will have my favorite sandwich for dinner, compliments to my daughter.

This is last years Birthday gift bag items. All I ever need. LOL



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I really want your opinion!!

Am I jealous?

My boss and I used to go over work issues every morning. Now she does this with her other Lead. We used to strategize on work-related problems, now with her new Lead. I walk in and they are talking and look at me and stop. People are moving cubes and I had no idea, but the other Lead did. She is always at the other Leads cube or vice versa. She asks me about my departments’ workload and I told her I had no clue. She proceeds to tell me that it is all mine now. Hello, I have been a Lead for almost a year and you are just now telling me that! She has told the other Lead her functions but not me. I just wing it. It makes me feel stupid and uninformed of my job, which pisses me off!!

Actually, I don’t mind it as my boss tends to over think a lot of issues and I am the one who simplifies it for her so she is not all scatterbrained all the time. I am the one that the both of them come to when their scatter brains cannot figure out a solution. I am the cleanup person for ALL issues, but she takes all new information to her first to review. See, there is a Registration department and a mental health department but we are all under one boss and on the same team with 2 Leads.