Steps to your dreams


DreamsGrowing up with hardly nothing makes me strive to make sure my children do have something. I work hard and have things to show for my hard work. When my kids need something, even if it is not a necessity, I try to make sure I can get it for them.  They don’t ask for much, so why not give them what the want.

I now know what is to have benefits, plans, and a look on the future. I want to accomplish so much more in life and having a plan is essential. You can have a plan all you want but executing the necessary steps to accomplish the goal at hand is the real focus.  You cant make a million overnight, so to have that as a plan is not smart. List out the steps you may need to take to get it and set goals.

I have many ideas on making my money but no plan. No steps to take. This is my goal now. writing down the necessary steps I need to do to get what I want.


No Sense of Responsibility

If you have children, you need to take care of them by any means necessary. If you have a house, you need to take care of it by any means necessary. If you have a girlfriend or spouse or boyfriend, you need to take care of them by any means necessary. This goes for your parents also.

At 27 years old your parents should not still be taken care of you. You should be paying rent driving a car or at least have a job. Wherever you live at there is a fee that needs to be paid. If you live with someone, you need to pay live with them.