Steps to your dreams


DreamsGrowing up with hardly nothing makes me strive to make sure my children do have something. I work hard and have things to show for my hard work. When my kids need something, even if it is not a necessity, I try to make sure I can get it for them.  They don’t ask for much, so why not give them what the want.

I now know what is to have benefits, plans, and a look on the future. I want to accomplish so much more in life and having a plan is essential. You can have a plan all you want but executing the necessary steps to accomplish the goal at hand is the real focus.  You cant make a million overnight, so to have that as a plan is not smart. List out the steps you may need to take to get it and set goals.

I have many ideas on making my money but no plan. No steps to take. This is my goal now. writing down the necessary steps I need to do to get what I want.



He n his good friend was fixing one of my trucks. He kept looking at me. Like I was flaunting around. Oversized shirt. Messed up hair. Really? You don’t trust your friend nor me. I would never mess with your friend but since I dropped 100lbs I must look good as I can’t be around your friends anymore. Owell. I guess I have to go out in public alone.