Winter Weather


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I love it when it snows. Living in a cold climate, you have to get used to that type of weather occurrence. Winter brings out niceness in Minnesota. People seem to be helpful. If someone is stuck in the snow, people don’t just keep driving by and let them figure it out on their own. Instead, they get out and help.


When it is snowing, it is really not all that cold outside. It makes making a snowman, snow angels, a snow ball fight, or building a snow fort easy and fun. I love blizzards too. I like driving down the street and not being able to see but a car length in front of me. Snow really does not stop many people. Just because it is snowing, does not meant you can’t ride a bike or walk to your destination. The saying we us is “Only in Minnesota”.


Drinking hot chocolate or apple cider in the window and watching the snow fall. Coziness is what winter weather brings to me.

I don’t like when it rains first then snows. Ice is a dangerous element for winter time. It is really sneaky too. You have to be mindful that there is always a chance that is under the snow at stop signs, stop lights, or anytime you are stopping.

Now in the summer, you can see a person on the corner holding a sign for money, looking like they need water, food, or clothes. You will definitely see people drive right passed them. I do give bottles of water to these people if I have it. I know some of these people are doing it for drugs, but some really don’t have anywhere to go. I give hand warmers in the winter and water in the summer.


Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD)


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I don’t know what happened to me. One day I just wanted to have sex multiple times, with my husband of course. Everyday since then I have been very, very, very sexually active.

Now I have urges throughout the day. I am really having orgasms every minute or so. It is so tiring. I can’t function. I can’t cook, eat, sleep, work, walk, or anything these days. I just cry. It is so irritating. I can’t even drive my truck.

Drinking cold water or cold air helps take the edge away. I am constantly in the bathroom. All the water drinking makes my bladder full, which makes the condition heighten. If I have to go #2, same thing. Everything sets it off. Hearing my husband’s voice helps. It helps when he touches me, even just holding my hand helps. Weird huh? When I release, it makes the urges be less intense for a little while but does not make them go away.

I read that I am not alone. Lots of women have this problem. It is called persistent genital arousal disorder. It is like a female version of blue balls, lol. Small convulsions all day. How am I supposed to live like this? It’s like I get right there and then no completion, all flipping day.

My poor husband. I have sexed him to death, but I can’t help it. He feels so bad for me. I don’t want to go to the doctor about it. What the hell do you tell your doctor? OMG!!! I can say that I have lost about 10 pounds going through this ordeal.

Comments, suggestions, and shares are greatly needed and appreciated!!!!!!

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My Turn


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When you work around food all day, some people eat all day but there are others that don’t. He does not eat at work like I would think he should. He calls me every day in the morning or mid-morning to ask what we are having for dinner. Sometime he puts in a request for a specific meal. Then he does not eat all day, just waiting until he gets home.

For 5 years now, he only cooks about once per month. He’s always at work, working 10-16 hours per day. I can’t expect him to cook after that. Why can’t I have dinner ready when he comes home?

He’s an executive chef so I can’t cook plain or regular meals. I have to be exotic and fancy. I have to be creative and experiment with different flavors and styles.

Last week, he cooked 4 of those days. OMG. He cooked for me! He called me and asked me what I wanted, how I wanted it, and even had it done when I got home. I have been working overtime lately and he took care of me for a change. I didn’t know what to do. I would come home, he’d take my bag, have my bath ready and a cold beer. He asked me to tell him when I was ready to eat and when I did, he made my plate. The other 3 days, he ordered out. I really enjoyed my break.

Just think, the week before, I went on strike and the next week got pampered. I wonder how often this will happen. What every 5 years? LOL…….

Not new, just tucked away


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I wow’d him last week. I broke out clothes, shoes, and purses that I have never worn before.  Every event or place we went to, I changed my outfit. I wore all colors too. Not just black, or white, or grey, my usual’s. I wore orange, red, green, pink, yes pink, both light pink and dark pink. This also included shoes with matching purses.

I caught him staring at me all day and night. If I walked away from him, I felt his gaze follow me. He was not paying much attention to the conversations he was having with his friends because he was occupied with what I was doing, where I was, and who I was talking to. I was not trying to make him jealous, but trying to show him that I still got it.

He told me multiple times that I looked good, was pretty, and complementing me on my ensembles and my perfumes. He was all touchy feely, kissing me if I came in his vicinity, tapping my butt, just so affectionate. It felt good to have him feel like someone else may want me besides him and that he needs to show so love to ensure that I felt as good as I truly did. What a great weekend!