National Buttercrunch Day – January 20

Get your sweet tooth ready and hungry for a tasty snack! January 20th is National Buttercrunch Day!

Buttercrunch is a mixture of toffee covered with chocolate, made with butter, sugar and some salt for the chocolate is crunchy in texture, and is served as candy or on top of ice cream.

buttercrunch 2buttercrunch

In the 1940’s, a related snack called almond butter crunch became popular when shipments were made for the soldiers during World War II. The Brown & Haley Company began storing the crunchy candy in tins to keep it fresh for the long travel time, to troops and overseas, from the United States to Europe and even Asia.

National Penguin Awareness Day – January 20

penguins 2January 20 is National Penguin Awareness Day! It’s in the time of the year that these adorable and unique sea creatures are given special appreciation and care. The origin as to how the celebration was created is unknown, but it has been linked to the observance of World Penguins Day where penguins migrate annually to the north.

Penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living in the Southern Hemisphere, mainly in Antarctica and considered natives. They are also in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, the Falkland Islands and the Galapagos.

It’s really fun to celebrate Penguin Awareness Day with family and friends by wearing black and white, putting a display of penguin photos on your desktop, sending your loved ones with penguin e-cards or even throwing a penguin-theme party.

This campaign aides with the awareness and safety of an animal that is greatly affected by climatic changes, to live in a cleaner environment.


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Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day – January 11

Today is no doubt a day of fun for kids! It’s a Step into a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day which makes a kid’s day very fun, filling them with joy and excitement.

Since it’s in the middle of a winter month, many puddles are frozen in most areas. How are children supposed to participate in this festive day? Although, it is not yet clear as to when or where the day was created, it must be in a warmer geological area. It was created for kids to have fun. Furthermore, this kind of activity is not only for kids to enjoy, but for adults as well.

Today encourages laughter and fun being mad or angry of being slashed, since this is only created just for fun.

Play God Day – January 9th

We all know God as a creator of the man, life, and the world. Many people in many religions pray for forgiveness, prosperity, or good luck to God. God is not the same across these religions. He even has a different name such as Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, or Christ.

He is the one that has the power to give and take. Many people feel that when something happens, it is God’s will, or everything happens for a reason. This day has been created so that people can feel powerful or in charge of their self. If God does good for people, then so can you. Today is the day to do for others, think of someone else first, and give.


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