I can say that I am too scared of convicted offenders. But, it really matters what they are convicted of.

Yes. I have children. Yes I worry when the letters go out of new offenders in my area. But why am I or you not outside when your kids are? Why are they not in your eyesight? What was your outside rules as a kid? I had to be in hearing distance of my mother’s voice.

I have a special house on my block now. About 3 yo 4 months old but I am not taking no risks. I’m watching AND educating my kids on what that house AND it’s residents is.

Spend more time watching your kids and not them watching themselves. These people are happy to be free and many think twice about going back. Remember that. Monitor you own kids, property, and block. Letting kids run loose allows them to possibly be in one of those homes as an adult, on drugs, or in a gang.

Buy them girl scout cookies. Buy that football fundraiser item. Donate to the local school or churches. Those kids need that love.

Share with your neighbor. Get neighborly involved. At least say hello.



They don’t want me to be who i was in the past. I’ve tried to be good, nice, but they pushing me to th limits. How much can I endure? I am smart. Loved. N looked as a leader, but underneath, I have feelings too!


Some say, you need to make a first impression. But sometimes it doesn’t come off as you would think it would be. Or it didn’t come off as you think it did it. From my experience, my first impression has not been the best. I always leave with a last impression. When people see me, they perceive me as a certain stereotype. But then when they hear me voice, my education and verbage come out, a different impression is made. So my first impression is not my strongest attribute, the last impression of me will not be forgotten. you’ll never forget what I said, you will never forget what I’ve done and you will never forget how I acted, so the first impression don’t worry about it, it’s the last impression that matters. In my eyes!

Is it me?


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I feel like I am the one who takes care of the house and the kids. I go to work, take my kid to school, get off, pick my kid up, come home and cook, fold and distribute the clothes, bath them, and then it is me time. Let’s not mention the kid Karate classes 3 times a week. Well, that means, bath and go to bed and begin it all over again. This is not a fun life to live.

You, on the other hand, work and interact with thousands of people, are in the world and not secluded to a cube, and see many new faces. You come home to a hot meal, clean house and clothes, and can just rest. Yes, your job is harder than mine. Yes, you make more money than me. But, I am not happy.

I feel we will or have grown apart. I need to have adult interaction, dress up, experience new things and see the world too.

Winter Weather


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I love it when it snows. Living in a cold climate, you have to get used to that type of weather occurrence. Winter brings out niceness in Minnesota. People seem to be helpful. If someone is stuck in the snow, people don’t just keep driving by and let them figure it out on their own. Instead, they get out and help.


When it is snowing, it is really not all that cold outside. It makes making a snowman, snow angels, a snow ball fight, or building a snow fort easy and fun. I love blizzards too. I like driving down the street and not being able to see but a car length in front of me. Snow really does not stop many people. Just because it is snowing, does not meant you can’t ride a bike or walk to your destination. The saying we us is “Only in Minnesota”.


Drinking hot chocolate or apple cider in the window and watching the snow fall. Coziness is what winter weather brings to me.

I don’t like when it rains first then snows. Ice is a dangerous element for winter time. It is really sneaky too. You have to be mindful that there is always a chance that is under the snow at stop signs, stop lights, or anytime you are stopping.

Now in the summer, you can see a person on the corner holding a sign for money, looking like they need water, food, or clothes. You will definitely see people drive right passed them. I do give bottles of water to these people if I have it. I know some of these people are doing it for drugs, but some really don’t have anywhere to go. I give hand warmers in the winter and water in the summer.