Steps to your dreams


DreamsGrowing up with hardly nothing makes me strive to make sure my children do have something. I work hard and have things to show for my hard work. When my kids need something, even if it is not a necessity, I try to make sure I can get it for them.  They don’t ask for much, so why not give them what the want.

I now know what is to have benefits, plans, and a look on the future. I want to accomplish so much more in life and having a plan is essential. You can have a plan all you want but executing the necessary steps to accomplish the goal at hand is the real focus.  You cant make a million overnight, so to have that as a plan is not smart. List out the steps you may need to take to get it and set goals.

I have many ideas on making my money but no plan. No steps to take. This is my goal now. writing down the necessary steps I need to do to get what I want.




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My mother in law feels she doesn’t have to follow the rules in my house. We take our shoes off at the door, but when no one is around, she won’t. Well, If I or my husband are not around she wot. I catch her every weekend when she comes over. She lives in an apartment and cannot have her dog with her, so he lives with us. She comes over every morning to care for him.

I told my husband that I was tired of her walking on the carpet and he told ME to say something. I sent her a text. I asked her not to walk on the carpet with her shoes on. She replied that she only does that when she is about to leave. No, I have caught her numerous times and she was not leaving. I would not do that to her house or anyone else. If I see shoes at the door, I would assume that you have to take them off, I actually take my shoes off at everyone’s house. I don’t visit people who have a dirty house, If I ever come into contact with someone like that, I would just stand at the door and not move.

Now she won’t talk to me for about 6 months or even ever. Her loss!


School Support

I changed my son’s school this year. He wasn’t learning at his last school. He is doing great now. He even aced his health class test. He had the highest score in the class. He was so happy.

Had conferences for my 3rd grader. I told her I didn’t want to go as she is very smart and conferences are for children that are not or disruptive to the class and that would be the time for the teacher to tell and elaborate. I thought that as I was in school but not these days.

My husband left work early to be there. I met him as we both parked at the same time. This teacher told us that our daughter is doing 4th grade work. A gifted and talented teacher joined us. She said her scores were off the charts. She HAD to have her in her class too.

We felt overwhelmed. We knew she was smart, because of me of course, just kidding, my husband is too, but still. It felt good to hear it.

Saturday morning. Me and my husband made a full breakfast and set the table so we can celebrate. Meal celebrations don’t have to be dinner always.

Step Father


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I didn’t have my biological father around as I was growing up.  It was his choice though, but I did spend a lot of time with my father’s side of the family. I was born in Indianapolis IN. I am the oldest of his 11 children and lived in another state but would come for any and all holidays and any days that I had no school. My mom would hop on the Greyhound bus in a heartbeat and bring me home, but still, I didn’t see him when I was there. I was really close to my Grandmother.  I did lose touch with her for about 5 years because we weren’t traveling back and forth much. Mom had 2 more kids to lug around and would be too expensive. She would still find a way to send me birthday cards.

I had my own room in her 2 bedroom house, which made a couple of my other cousins not like me I think.  My mother’s mom lived a block and a half up and a half of block down from my father’s mother. Mom would take me to her to stay and she would stay at her mom’s house. This gave me time with MY people. My grandma did treat me just like the other kids, cousins not siblings, and they thought it was wrong, but only my take on it though.

The wake and the funeral service was scheduled, but only an older lady, that I didn’t know, sat in the back, and my family was there for those whole 2 hours of her wake. None of the Indiana family came to the wake. Huh? I’m confused! But I felt so privileged that I got to spend those last 2 hours with her with my family without any interruptions.

I never met my siblings on my sperm donors side until my grandmother passed away. I met 3 of them at her funeral. I went to the job of a sister right below me. She didn’t come to the funeral. She said that because she didn’t know grandma and has never met her, and she felt out of place. I went to meet her and bring her the obituary of grandma. When I gave her the obituary, she just cried. She is the identical twin to my grandma. She never knew her and realized it at that moment that she belonged to her.

My mom had her share of boyfriends. A couple were okay and a couple were just no good. My stepfather came into my life when I was 12 years old. He took care of me, my sister, and my brother. He knew how to make and keep my mom happy and smiling.  He gave her diamonds not pearls.  She had diamond cluster rings. Thousands of dollars he spent. Back them. that makes a girl feel appreciated. Nowadays, feeling appreciated is making sure my bills are paid and I have no stress. My baby brother was born 6 years later and nothing changed.

We were best friends from the beginning. He would take me to school and community parties in his old station wagon, full of supplies, with only just the drivers’ door working, lol.  I would ask him to drop me off a block away so people didn’t see me getting out that vehicle, but he would pull up, right in front of whatever venue he was dropping me off at because he was proud of his old hoopty. I went everywhere with him. I was his sidekick. I learned that you can never give up on yourself. If you dream of something, make it come true.

He is still the hard working man that I met from the beginning. He taught me that hard work pays off. He worked hard every day of the week. I really thought everybody gets 2 days off per week, but not when you are your own boss and have your own business, you have no days off. He never stopped marketing himself or his service he could provide. He painted mansion on the lakefront and he would pay my mom to be his helper. Keep it in the family, another thing I learned.

My first 3 children suffered the same fate. They got their stepfather when my oldest was also 12. He took care of them just as my dad did us. Oh, not to mention, we too had a child together shortly after.  He too taught my children the same values as my dad. Wow, I guess girls do marry men that are like their dad. Luckily, my dad was one of those who made and kept my mom happy, provided for his family, and was always there when we needed him.


He Cares


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I have bad knees. One is worse than the other. Yesterday he said that he hates to see me limp around. He said that he feels that he is failing me, and not taking care of me. He feels so bad. He wishes he could do something to make me feel better. That made me realize once again. That he cares.

I asked him to go to the store after he got off work to buy me some pickles. He said no problem. I made that request at noon and by 5 pm, I told him just to come home, never mind. He went anyway. He brought me 2 large jars of pickles. OMG, he cares.


When you are the boss….


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When you are the boss, you cannot call in. You have to take up all the slack. You have to come in when others call in. You have to jump into the job roles as needed. You have to be compassionate for your team. You have to treat your team with respect and in turn, you will get the same in return. You have to be understanding and listen to concerns and issues they have or are faced with. You also have to be firm when it is time to be. You cannot let them run over you. You need to lead the team in a productive fashion. Your team should be the strongest in the organization, the one all other bosses strive to have.