Teaching Children

We had a youth football game last night. The score was 30-18 in quarter 3. With 8 minutes left, the referees said we won the game, the game was over, and we were not shaking hands. We were so confused. We automatically thought the other teams didn’t want to play against us anymore, but it was the referees who gave us the game. As the other team’s players were continually getting hurt, the coaches were cursing out the referees and being rude. This caused them the game, on top of already loosing, they had no chance due to their lack of skill and communication skills. As we were gathering our chairs and children, the opposing team turned off the park lights on us. All of our children were scared, confused, and sad. It was unbelievable how those coaches could put all those children’s safety in jeopardy. I feel bad for the players of that team. The lesson they learned last night will not help them in their futures. Being bitter can hurt a person in more than one way. I talked to my son last night about kindness and sportsmanship. Our team only grew from this situation and will continue to grow. This is what I taught my child.


I am getting a new kitchen and can’t wait until it is done. About 65% done. With the tragedy I went through, I deserve this new beginning!!


It’s funny…. When I post stupid stuff, people like n comment, but I post real stuff, nothing. Hummmm, what is really important these days? It is not all about the funnies n the omg’s, it is also about what is happening to the world, not just society.


No one wants another man or woman to do the job of being a parent. But if u can’t b there for your child and another steps in, on a good note, then let them do what u can’t ,won’t, and supposed to do. Remember………. They are really helping you out. (Dumb ass,) oops i slipped, lol, but sorry ass people these days. I’m trying to be positive at the same time in this message, so hard! I love my step dad. Call him Dad even. My real sperm donor, by his real name, omg, did I go there?. Who calls the step mom, mom? Owell , she need to earn them stripes too, Lol. Fb. Just venting, thinking, n thankful for my stepdad n my kid’s stepdad. That are too special. Remember, fb. Some people (men n women) make you, n others may make u into who u r………….


I wonder, will we be forced to live like pilgrims or the Amish? It is truly possible. We have to stop killing the earth!!


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