Steps to your dreams


DreamsGrowing up with hardly nothing makes me strive to make sure my children do have something. I work hard and have things to show for my hard work. When my kids need something, even if it is not a necessity, I try to make sure I can get it for them.  They don’t ask for much, so why not give them what the want.

I now know what is to have benefits, plans, and a look on the future. I want to accomplish so much more in life and having a plan is essential. You can have a plan all you want but executing the necessary steps to accomplish the goal at hand is the real focus.  You cant make a million overnight, so to have that as a plan is not smart. List out the steps you may need to take to get it and set goals.

I have many ideas on making my money but no plan. No steps to take. This is my goal now. writing down the necessary steps I need to do to get what I want.

The Last One


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I spend most of my time with my last kid

I take her to the store and then I get whatever she wants

I take her to lunch if she wants to go to lunch

She seems to want to go to Starbucks everyday

It’s okay it’s better than just sitting on my money I can spend it on her instead



I bought my daughter a blow up pool

I bought her her own machine that blows up each section and a cover so that it can not collect bugs or grass when she’s done swimming

I was told that I spoil her

But it’s okay because I can do it and they cannot do their kids the way I’m doing mine

My daughter is having fun in our yard by herself

It’s a pandemic out there and I don’t want her to be sick



Is this really a career

I hear them saying that they had to think about their kids and their future

Well when your kids get older they look at you how do you think they’re going to feel

You look nice now but in a few years you won’t

Use your brain and not your body

Yeah the money is good but is it worth Slandering your face and your body for it