Minnesota Cold


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mn snowThe cold weather of Minnesota keeps the rift raft out of the state. The cold is our ally. Not many people can bare the chill. We don’t need the extra company anyway. It just keeps crime down and jobs open. We know how to bunker down, keep warm, and have fun with Old Man Winter and the Arctic Blasts. I love Minnesota.




TrophyI have always told my kids that if my better half is not doing at least half of what I am doing, then need to be replaced. On a team, everyone works together. If I got a job, you must have a job. If I spend all my check on bills and food, well so should you. If I pay the car note, then you pay the insurance.

You can do bad by yourself, so why have someone around you that cannot help you. Common sense is that if I am short, you need to be the one to fill in the missing parts. This is how a good team works.If you are in a relationship and you are the only one that is putting forth great effort to take care of daily necessities, then your team is not a winning one.

Sometimes you have to stop, take a look at your team members and replace the ones that are hold you back from the championship (life’s goals).

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree


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“Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” is one of the most popular Christmas songs created. Written by Johnny Marks and beautifully sung by Brenda Lee, it has become her most famous song to be known for. It is listened to every Christmas season bringing joy and happiness to it’s listeners. It will make you dance and sing along bringing the ultimate Christmas spirit.

Squirrel Appreciation Day-January 21

Squirrel appreciation day is celebrated on January 21 every year in the United States.  A squirrel is a tree-dwelling rodent that is becoming endangered in some areas.  Because of all the trees being cut down, squirrels are losing their homes. This only makes them look for shelter in our homes. It can be a pain. I don’t know why we are appreciating them, but there is such a day.  Hard to believe, but it is.


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