A Hump Day in August


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I really wanted to just keep walking, when I knew that the lady was 20 feet behind me. I hate having to hold the door for someone who walks so slow, but I hate when I feel I have to rush when others are holding the door for me because I will walk as slow as I flippin want to. Anyways, I pushed the handicap door button for her for both doors and bout time the elevator came, she was inside. I asked her how she like that door service. lol. She said she wondered if I did that on purpose and she loved it. she said it made her day. She smiled so big and felt so good. Hopefully the kindness will spread and she will do something for the next and that person for the next. Happy Hump Day!



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13932942_1022775847841568_1848079119554596059_nMy grandson was born at 28 weeks. He only weighed 2 pounds and was 14 inches long. He is in the NICU and will be there for 6 more weeks. My daughter is off work an travels back and forth to be with him. She can really use some help with meals and transportation expenses to and from the hospital. Please help if you can. every little bit helps.

For Baby Jayden


Plus Size


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Patriot 2012I am a curvaceous woman. I have been told that i am beautiful, smart, talented, and funny. I am not fat but plus size. I shop for clothes and 3x for some is definitely NOT 3x for a plus size woman. Most of my clothes are ordered off line. Many stores don’t have my size, so online shopping is what I have to do. I get 20% of my clothes that are truly the 3x i order. Others, I have to give away. Now I have started to take stitching out, lift here, sew there, just to make it fit me. I don’t have a big stomach but I do have a big butt, lol. I have a thin waist but large hips. I am a 2x on top and a 4x on the bottom. I have to buy a bigger shirt just so it will fit over my hips. Stretchy material is ideal. This big shirt hides my waistline though. If I shop at a plus size store, the prices are so jacked up, I can’t afford but 1 item. I need a seamstress ASAP!!!

Student Loans


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Student loans are the biggest mistake a person could ever make. I wish I didn’t get one. I know why grown ups were saying that when i was first looking into college, but school counselors did not push hard enough to persuade me to not do it! Now I see why people save for their children’s college education. Now I see why people work for college tuition. I don’t see why education costs so much!  I will definitely start now for the last 2 kids I have growing up. I do not want them going through this crap that I am facing. I can only imagine what my first 3 children are going through. I did not steer them away as best as I could. I can’t lie, the loans helped me tremendously, but now I am paying for it!

Family Extras


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Either I don’t know the true definition of family or its the other person. My family has been spread out for so many years that it is hard to come back together on things that other families have no problem coming back to. I am talking about my mother and her siblings. My mom and her sister moved from their home state when they were 18 and never moved back. Visited yes, for holidays and emergency reasons.

This attitude has passed down to me and my siblings now and possibly to my children. Not on purpose though. My brother is distant because of his wife. She is very difficult for us to deal with. She has no love for his family, only hers.

My daughter is in between homes and needed a few items small stored. My sister-in-law has the nerve to want to know what her long time goals are. WTF, it is a temporary thing. She told my daughter to come get her stuff after 5 weeks. Her stuff is in the garage, not the house. I said I can take the 2 dressers and the twin mattress, can she keep the 5 boxes. She told me that she will pass the word to my brother. HUH? Then called my brother at work and told him that I went off on her. When I called her back (9 times) no answer.

When my brother called me, it was a whole different story than what me and her discussed. I really wanted to slap her, LOL. I guess I will stay away for a while. She really messed up!!