Friendship & Acquaintances


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I have someone that was kind to me in my past that has stage 4 cancer. I don’t know what that means, but it can’t be good. It seems irreversible. I know that she may be leaving this world soon and cannot bring myself to see her off for some reason. I left a really bad life and she stayed. I tried to help her and pull her out, but she didn’t have the strength to leave like I did.

Wehn I left, I let go of all the evils and fake people in that circle. She was not one of them but was one of them. I kept in contact with her from afar. She likes my posts on social media sites, sends me happy birthday posts, and is one of my followers. But, she is still in that circle. I cannot be apart of that at this stage of my life.

I know if I were to pass, she would come to see me off, but that circle would be there if I were to go for her. That is a bad situation to put me in. I will pray for her soul on my own. I have my own personal memories. I guess I am staying distant, but I don’t think she would understand. She might though. she knows how I feel and think, so I don’t think she will mind. I can go see her afterwards. I hope she is buried and not cremated.

It is hard to say what would be the outcome as they con’d her into depleting her 401k from multiple jobs, taking out loans, and depleting her bank accounts. I hope she has insurance. She has 2 sons, so maybe she had the smarts to set things in place for them. I don’t know. I don’t think so, as she was too easily manipulated.

Didn’t think she would go out like that. I guess death is not thought of for the young or the middle-aged. I guess it hurts too bad. Memories are the best thing to carry on your back, not regret.

I considered her my friend in the past, but then she became an acquaintance because I chose to walk away. But, she was still there in reality. I don’t think I could call on her to talk to as I didn’t know where her loyalty lied anymore. It’s okay. I made my peace a long time ago. I am sorry she is so sick and pray her sons don’t take it to hard and have the support they need to get through it.



What happens when you try to support someone with your skills and they loose. Wow, the first one that gets blamed is the one that was the new help. That is messed up. You didn’t perform as you intended, so blame someone else. What kind of person are you? Why would they even try to help or even support you next time? You messed up my friend!


I can say that I am too scared of convicted offenders. But, it really matters what they are convicted of.

Yes. I have children. Yes, I worry when the letters go out of new offenders in my area. But why am I or you not outside when your kids are? Why are they not in your eyesight? What were your outside rules as a kid? I had to be in hearing distance of my mother’s voice.

I have a special house on my block now. About 3 to 4 months old but I am not taking no risks. I’m watching AND educating my kids on what that house AND its residents is.

Spend more time watching your kids and not them watching themselves. These people are happy to be free and many think twice about going back. Remember that. Monitor your own kids, property, and block. Letting kids run loose allows them to possibly be in one of those homes as an adult, on drugs, or in a gang.

Buy them girl scout cookies. Buy that football fundraiser item. Donate to the local school or churches. Those kids need that love.

Share with your neighbor. Get neighborly involved. At least say hello.