Student Loans


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Student loans are the biggest mistake a person could ever make. I wish I didn’t get one. I know why grown ups were saying that when i was first looking into college, but school counselors did not push hard enough to persuade me to not do it! Now I see why people save for their children’s college education. Now I see why people work for college tuition. I don’t see why education costs so much!  I will definitely start now for the last 2 kids I have growing up. I do not want them going through this crap that I am facing. I can only imagine what my first 3 children are going through. I did not steer them away as best as I could. I can’t lie, the loans helped me tremendously, but now I am paying for it!

Family Extras


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Either I don’t know the true definition of family or its the other person. My family has been spread out for so many years that it is hard to come back together on things that other families have no problem coming back to. I am talking about my mother and her siblings. My mom and her sister moved from their home state when they were 18 and never moved back. Visited yes, for holidays and emergency reasons.

This attitude has passed down to me and my siblings now and possibly to my children. Not on purpose though. My brother is distant because of his wife. She is very difficult for us to deal with. She has no love for his family, only hers.

My daughter is in between homes and needed a few items small stored. My sister-in-law has the nerve to want to know what her long time goals are. WTF, it is a temporary thing. She told my daughter to come get her stuff after 5 weeks. Her stuff is in the garage, not the house. I said I can take the 2 dressers and the twin mattress, can she keep the 5 boxes. She told me that she will pass the word to my brother. HUH? Then called my brother at work and told him that I went off on her. When I called her back (9 times) no answer.

When my brother called me, it was a whole different story than what me and her discussed. I really wanted to slap her, LOL. I guess I will stay away for a while. She really messed up!!

Minnesota Cold


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mn snowThe cold weather of Minnesota keeps the rift raft out of the state. The cold is our ally. Not many people can bare the chill. We don’t need the extra company anyway. It just keeps crime down and jobs open. We know how to bunker down, keep warm, and have fun with Old Man Winter and the Arctic Blasts. I love Minnesota.




TrophyI have always told my kids that if my better half is not doing at least half of what I am doing, then need to be replaced. On a team, everyone works together. If I got a job, you must have a job. If I spend all my check on bills and food, well so should you. If I pay the car note, then you pay the insurance.

You can do bad by yourself, so why have someone around you that cannot help you. Common sense is that if I am short, you need to be the one to fill in the missing parts. This is how a good team works.If you are in a relationship and you are the only one that is putting forth great effort to take care of daily necessities, then your team is not a winning one.

Sometimes you have to stop, take a look at your team members and replace the ones that are hold you back from the championship (life’s goals).